Do you want to know our secret?

As an owner with Sellfree Estate you can sell your property without having to pay for it! The traditional formula of paying commission has ended. We offer the sale of real estate on new terms.

We manage your property through a network of professional collaborators.

  • All the visits are organized with certificated agents
  • All the potential buyers go through the process of verification
  • We rule out low-quality buyers

Moreover, we will lead you through the whole process

  • We will take care of the verification of legal procedures
  • We will prepare all the documents and contracts
  • We will get financing for buyers
  • We will lead you up to the signature
  • We will sell your property without making you pay for it

How do we do it?

  • We do get potential buyers of the international level
  • We do publish the announcements on the main real estate internet pages to get a greater number of buyers
  •  We visit your property to create a wholesome file with professional photos and descriptions of qualities, situations, etc.
  • We manage all the visits