I'm a seller

Why Sellfree-Estate?

As for an owner, Sellfree Estate offers you very competitive advantages. We are the only real estate agency that does not charge you anything to sell your property, but offers you the highest quality of services. We provide you with a personal assistant, who will take care of all buyers and will manage all visits, so you won’t be concerned about it without paying anything.

How is it possible that Sellfree Estate does not charge me for selling my property?

At Sellfree Estate, we have developed a new working method where buyer and seller both obtain great benefits. We are able to sell your property without charging you thanks to the high volume of buyers who form part of our buyer club. All this is achieved by being able to close a large number of sales each month.

What is "the buyer club"?

Our buyer club is a club of active buyers, who pay the FIXED amount of € 3.900 at registration, and from here we start to propose to them all the properties we have that suit their needs and if we don’t have what they need,  we search for it. Thanks to our network of experts and our advantageous conditions for sellers, we are an excellent option for both parts: the buyer knows exactly what he pays and the seller lets us sell his property as a form of payment.

To access this club, all those who are interested have to pay a single fee, that gives them access to all our services. They will be provided with a personal adviser who will lead them throughout the process of buying the property. In addition, they will get access to any property that sellfree estate has for sale without paying any commissions and at direct owner prices.

As an owner, do I have to present on the visits?

No, unlike many other real estate agencies, where you have to become a real estate agent, Sellfree Estate offers you an advisor who will not only give you advice but will fight for your interests, taking care of the agenda and visits.

Why is it better to be an exclusive client of Sellfree estate?

As well as we offer you to sell your property, we offer you professionalism. Therefore, having your property exclusively with Sellfree Estate guarantees:

  • Minimization of the sale time, as cooperation with an exclusive agent increases the likelihood of a sale, because his agility becomes absolute.
  • Exclusivity with Sellfree guarantees that your property will be perceived clearly and transparently due to the only price appearing in the market.
  • Our agents take the side of your interests with a high degree of responsibility. They are interested in learning every detail about your property.
  • Your property will be advertised on the most important national and international platforms with the best images to achieve a better first visual impact.
  • We will make a fantastic photo report plus an HD video totally FREE.
  • We have the latest technology in 360º virtual reality experience, which allows potential buyers to visit your home without leaving theirs.

I'm a buyer

What benefits do I get with a Sellfree Estate as a buyer?

Typically, traditional real estate agencies tend to increase property prices by an average of 8% = 15,000 euros. Sellfree Estate offers you a personal agent who will take care of the property search and all documentation for a fixed quota of € 3.900 + VAT. This allows you to buy the property at a direct price from the owner. We will also make sure that the houses are in the right conditions and advise you on all matters with the sole purpose of making your purchase easier.