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    About us

    We are a professional real estate agency Sellfree Estate, that cares a lot about the interests of our clients. We do our best to help you sell your property at the best price for you. The professional service we offer is our hallmark. Why give up something when you can get everything?

    With Sellfree Estate you get the best of both worlds: the reaching, visibility and savings of an online agency with the professionalism and closeness of a traditional real estate agency.



    You do not have to pay anything to sell
    We do not raise the price of your property
    We negotiate our fees directly with the buyer

    Services and advertising

    Professional photos of your property, 360º virtual tour and HD videos
    Advertising in more than 100 national and international Internet platforms
    We manage the schedule of visits adapted to your availability
    We select the potential buyers
    We deal with all the paperwork

    Business Network

    Network of collaborations and agencies at the national level
    Real estate agents throughout Europe
    Agents who can explain to you how to sell your property and what methods we use

    Feedback from our clients

    Internet platforms